I help creatives, churches, and organizations leverage knowledge, avoid costly mistakes, and learn how to thrive in the worship music industry

If you're like most people in the worship music industry, you've probably asked yourself questions like, "how's a co-pub deal really work," "how should the song ownership be split up," or "does my church risk its nonprofit status if it pays me royalties." In fact, there's probably dozens of questions you've wondered and can never seem to find a straight answer.

If you're a church, not knowing the answer to these and other important questions can mean tens of thousands of dollars wasted and fights within the ranks. If you're a worship leader, songwriter, producer, or other creative, not knowing the answers can literally kill your chances of having a successful career.

My name is Brock Shinen and I'm an attorney and strategy consultant to the worship music community. I work with some of the biggest churches and worship movements in the country, and some of the most respected and successful worship leaders, songwriters, and producers in the business.

I help individuals and churches in the worship community:

1. Make smarter business decisions that...
2. Avoid costly mistakes, while...
3. Increasing income and opportunities.

In my trainings, I speak directly to three key decision maker groups:

1. Pastors, board members, finance directors and others charged with making decisions about church finances, resources, and projects.
2. Staff worship leaders, songwriters, producers, videographers, creative directors, experience directors and other creative staff teams.
3. Individual creatives and creative teams.

I show you how to understand the industry, what you need to understand about it, why you need to understand it, and how to make the decisions that avoid costly mistakes and make a bigger impact.

My trainings help you generate more money to further your Kingdom purpose, and maintain your value system and integrity in the process!

The Complete Course - "It's like an MBA for the Worship Music Industry" (includes all separate courses)

The most comprehensive and practical training ever assembled specifically for the WORSHIP MUSIC INDUSTRY and taught by leading worship industry attorney, Brock Shinen, Esq.  This course will help you: 1. Avoid making costly mistakes 2. Save tons of money 3. Understand a very complex business so that you can properly engage with it 4. Make informed decisions with lasting positive impact 5. Create more income for your ministry
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